"Incantation Bowl, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology," text/form by Miriam Saperstein; designed, typeset and printed by The Index.

"Incantation for a Trans Forever," forthcoming on the Healing Verse Poetry Line, Philadelphia Contemporary
"A Good Eye" and "Demon Shout," Grotto Journal
"God Talk," Timber 13.2 (cover feature)
"Lesser Known Names for G?d," Pitymilk Press feature
"Hot 4 Hashem," "Slutty 4 Shekhina," and "Brit," Torch Songs, Minto Press
"Incantation Bowl, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology," Index Press (Featured Poet in THE INDEX, vol 2, Issue 8: Amulets & Talismans)
 "Rot<>Prayer," Planet Detroit (Planet Detroit x Room Project Ecopoetry Contest Winner)
"JewishLibraryWorker.dreams," The String Magazine
"Tehillim 96," Vagabond City (nominated for a Pushcart)
"Lekhtsn Nokh," Pollux Journal (nominated for Best of the Net)
"Tinder Profile as Prophecy" and "Aubade," Irrelevant Press
"turn again" and "missed connection: gay 4 g!d," the lickety~split
"Erev Tu b'Av" New Voices Magazine
Illustrations for Zoya Gurm's "antiparallel in the river" (pitymilk press, forthcoming 2023)
"My Cup Overflows," How Deep is Your Love? William Way LGBT Community Center 17th Annual Juried Art Exhibition
"decomposition hat," ctrl + v
"Cosi Revaya," Radical Jewish Calendar 5783
"Shabbos Collage," Dodi, A Trans Jewish Zine
"Shehecheyanu," The Book of Lulav

"decomposition hat" in ctrl + v


Leaf//Fate for "The Fates of Dead Leaves that Fall Into Streams," Syllabus

"B'nei Adam," Mag 20/20
"Collaborative Curation," in the Michigan in the World 2020 Exhibition: "Hold Me Up"
"Kosi Revaya," Chavaleh Zine
"Living Memory of the Jewish Left," New Voices Magazine
"A Strike Against Despair," Jewish Currents
"The Local Lulav," Jewish Currents
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Collaboratory Library Research Guides: "Zines" and "Unpacking STEM"
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